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Role-Playing is FUN 2! June 7, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW, Role-Playing.
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So like, totally, I was like, bored and stuff, so I made another Alt., like, seriously…
I really don’t think girls talk that way (Well, some girls) but yeah, I made a new Alt.
Meet NinjagirlU: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=NinjagirlU

I got her to Level 4, and sided with good. (What? She is a fairy.)

Short Bio FTW:

NinjagirlU is an outcast fairy who ran away from home to study the arts of Ninja. As a curse she must always wear her Fairy Clothes to stay alive. She cannot put up with creeps or sexists who bug her with PMs. (Truthfully, neither can I) She also has a little rivalry with Mages, Healers, or Acolytes as most fairies are those classes. She loves a good fight but knows when to stop it.

Also, I’ll put up a story on her.
Ugh, made the super long chapter one. Not long to you guys but still, longer than Poorboy’s Chapters One & Two combined!


Role-Playing is FUN! June 6, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW, Role-Playing.
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Meet PoorboyX: http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=PoorBoyX
He’s too poor to afford “real” weapons or “armor”, so he only use items that are made from cloth, wood, simple items, and very, very, very cheap metal!
If you see him, he’s my Alt.
A little bio:
Abandoned at birth, he grew up on the streets on BattleOn. A day later, he was adopted by Ninjaguy. At 6 years old he was certified to go to the Class Trainers in BattleOn. He did very well and excelled through all his classes except for Healing, Magic, and Rouge classes. (1/4 is good enough for them.)¬† After school, his father was enlisted in the Chaos war and PoorboyX hasn’t seen him since. Now 16, he also has joined the war, but too poor to afford real weapons and armor. His greatest ambition is to prove his worth to his father by becoming the greatest warrior ever.

I’ll write a full story later. This is just a short biography.
I have already written 2 chapters of his story! Coming on the 8th!

W0000T June 6, 2009

Posted by star5treak in Site.

We have recently gotten over a 100 views!
That’s it…go away……

THIS IS SPARTA! June 5, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW, Glitch.

Guess what? Quibble’s back! And he bought some presents, like GLITCHES!(Oh and cool Spartan Armor)
Spartan Glitch
Yep, if you want to go there, /Join warsneevil

*UPDATE* It’s now fixed
*UPDATE*I brought more pictures!
New Buttons

*UPDATE*More stuff
I had pictures, but WordPress won’t let me upload them.
All better now

In short New Button in Room 42 at Yulgar’s in which lets you change your Guardian Armor Color and Trim.
You can’t go to the Clubhouse.
Shadows Watching you?

*UPDATE*The clubhouse is back!

Also: I can spend an hour and look what happens in warundead
1 hour of farming

Battle Bars are here! May 29, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW.

They have arrived! Unfortunaly, they can only be installed by Internet Explorer or Firefox. As a Mac user I had Safari. So I downloaded Firefox. And I kinda like it. Excuse me for spelling mistakes as Firefox doesn’t tell you if you misspelled anything. Here’s my Battle Bar:

AQW BattleBar

Suprise Attacks May 28, 2009

Posted by coolsam543 in Uncategorized.
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May 28th, 2009
Surprise Attacks!
“This just in….
Whilst the heroes battle to force Chaos out of the valley… other villians are preparing sneak attacks. Be on guard… starting any time after tomorow’s release there can be an attack which will trigger a live mini-war. The new Defender’s shop will be available during any live war or mini-war.

Meanwhile, help build AQWorlds!
With the launch of the 1st Lord of Chaos battle we just finished our first major questing area! We are going to be building a lot more and were wondering… did you want to help? Maegwyn just created a Quest Area Suggestion thread. This is an official post where you can pitch ideas for themes, areas, villians (and their army of minions), quests, and adventures that you would like to see in game! We highly recommend using your (and your friends) characters as NPCs. Remember, this is a creative thread — be supportive of all ideas and have fun!
Official Quest Area Suggetion Post

Tomorrow we will be releasing LIVE mini-wars, the Summer Break Shop (goofy but fun), the Battle Bar (approved!) and if possible updates to the Book of Lore as requested on the forums. Meanwhile we are coding Stats (75%), Achievements (95%), Housing and Guilds ($!%)….(WOW! We sure are keeping busy…)” said Artix.

Rock On! May 25, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW, Hint.

Guess what? You can still go to Voltaire! But it’s members only! ūüė¶
But I’m a member so what’s stopping me?
 Voltaire and I
Unfortunately, all the shops are closed. But you can still do the quests!

*Does some horribly, off key notes*

I got the S.o.I on my first try! May 24, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW.
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And here it is, the Staff of Inversion!
To obtain you have to kill Escherion or the Staff of Inversion(Monster).
(Note, this staff is members only. There is a similar staff called the
1st Lord of Chaos Staff for free players.)

The final battle with Escherion! May 23, 2009

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The great evil BattleMage!(There is a Staff of Inversion monster but 
when I took the pics, the servers were acting up.) The only way to injure
Escherion, is to kill the Staff first.(NOTE: you can’t use the Ice Shard Glitch on him)
After you kill Escherion:
Good Shop(Mobius!) 
You unlock this cool shop!(NOTE: I have both Lunaris and Solaris  armors.)
This is the Good Shop. I’m wearing Lunaris, for the evil players.

I am now a Member! May 22, 2009

Posted by star5treak in AQW.
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I am now a member!(My new sig. outfit!)